Black Dog Ride is proud to be a partner in Lions Care 2015-16, a National Category C Lions project.

Following the success of the Lions beyondblue 'Joining Hands' project Lions clubs are again being encouraged to come together under a National Category C project to tackle social isolation, depression, and anxiety.

'Lions Care' is an innovative project that offers three ways for Clubs to show they care:

Be a beyondblue bridge builder: By simply reaching out to isolated community members and inviting them to join in club life you can help people reconnect.

Be a Black Dog Ride ambassador: BDR are back on the road taking their suicide prevention message to communities across Australia. You can help by welcoming and feeding hungry riders or, if a ride isn't coming to your town, why not host a BDR speaker at a community meeting?

Be a Lions' Great Mate: Many Lions clubs are great mates with other organisations working to improve mental health outcomes in their communities. You can build on this mateship by developing new local projects that address mental health.

Where do I find out more?

Information about the Lions care project is available on the Lions Australia website or download the Lions Care E-Brochure.

Lions Care Australia