Black Dog Ride Media 2009 - 2011

Black Dog Ride to the Red Centre, 2010

Please take a few minutes to enjoy some highlights of the 2010 Ride to the Red Centre kindly produced by Black Dog Rider, Darrell Burkey.

Highlights of the 2010 Ride for LAMP on ABC SouthWest online. | Photos and Video

3rd + 6th of September 2010 | Two news clippings - The first from the Busselton Dunsborough Times (Page 5) Fathers' Day Start to Black Dog Journey and another article that titled Riders Rev up to put focus on depression and suicide that was published in The West Australian (Page 16). Download & read stories. (Both included in 414kb PDF)

4th September 2010 | Steve joins The Big Couch with Clairsy, Shane & Kymba on mix94.5 Mon-Fri 4-7pm. (7MB MP3)

2nd September 2010 | Esperance Breakfast with Naomi Christensen. (10MB MP3)

1st September 2010 | Today's Chat with Trevor Scott - Riverland Radio. (5MB MP3)

31 August 2010 | Bikers ride for the Black Dog article. Photo by Kellie Lewis in the Kalgoorlie Miner | Cover Page. Download story. (3MB PDF)

26 August 2010 | Steve's interview from WA Regional Drive program. (7MB MP3)

Black Dog Ride 2009 Media

07/08/2009 | Biker roars like a Lion by Thom Klein as it appeared in The Port Macquarie News | Page 16. Download story. (PDF)

22/07/2009 | Black dog ride by Meredith Dixon - as it appeared in The Mail | Page 10. Download story. (PDF)

26/06/2009 | Listen to Steve Andrews on ABC Southwest "Mornings" with Glynn Greensmith.

16/07/2009 | Steve rides to beat Black Dog - as it appeared in the Countryman | Page 35, Section: General News. Download story. (PDF)

02/07/2009 | Riding for awareness by Jordyn Rados - as it appeared in the South Western Times | Page 17. Download story. (PDF)

Read a copy of the article which appeared in the May Edition of Riding On, the official magazine of the Ulysses Clubs of Australia.

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